Praised be Jesus Christ!

Praised Be Jesus Christ

During this Easter Season, when we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead and his victory over human suffering and death, we must remember that the Lord’s victory provides the grace we need to rekindle the pilot light of our souls!   Instead of smoldering, let us once again catch fire!  If this virus has taught us anything, it should teach us that our faith has been weakened and is in need of strengthening and learning   There are so many books to read and we could never find the time to read and retain them all   I have a proposal.

Let us return will all our heart to the school of the one disciple who knows our Lord the best; the one who never fails Him; Our Lady.   I am asking us all to take up the Rosary, the weapon of faith and the school of virtue and Faith, Hope and Charity.   I am not asking for you to pray it perfectly every single time, but in this case, don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.  Pray the Rosary every day, several times a day.  It is the most wonderful way of praying because you can literally say the Rosary anywhere!  We fill our lives with so much noise.  We need to go back to school, to the one who cane teach us our Lord most perfectly, His Sacred Mother.  Pray, pray, pray the rosary!  Pray as a family, pray in the car, pray as you fall asleep but pray the rosary every single day and the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph over the errors of this world and bring us to Her Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ!

With Love from the Hearts of Our Lady and Our Lord,

Fr. Kozak